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LETTER: PC prescription for health care is downright unhealthy

PC leader Ches Crosbie. (Jeff Pelletier photo)
PC Leader Ches Crosbie. (Jeff Pelletier photo) - Contributed

So Progressive Conservative Leader Ches Crosbie proposes a PUB-style board to rein in health care costs?

Of all the issues affecting Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, he has to suggest cutting health care costs.

So can the Opposition PC Leader explain to everyone how is he going to cut, cut, cut health care costs?

Does he propose cutting the Newfoundlanders and Labrador Provincial Drug Plan? The new advancements into mental health? Reducing the number of doctors, nurses, and other health providers in the province?

Is he going to scrap programs that affect the most vulnerable people in the province? Is he going to scrap or delay the building of a new Waterford Hospital? Corner Brook hospital?

Is he doing a Doug Ford when it comes to our important health and social programs?

Should we forget about the necessary and long overdue government assistance on diabetic supplies, insulin pumps, ostomy supplies, oxygen and respiratory supplies that certain people need?

Ches, I am sorry but you and your party put our province in a financial mess with your party’s very own Muskrat Boondoggle.

You want cuts, propose to cut your own salaries, pensions, benefits before you ever look at our sacred trust — our public Medicare system,

Edward Sawdon

St. John’s

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