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LETTER: Placentia/St. Mary’s poor roads proof of government’s failure

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

The good, hard-working people of St. Mary’s section of the Placentia/St. Mary’s district are still waiting for a paved road system between Colinet and Markland/Whitbourne and from Colinet to Placentia.

It is extremely difficult to believe that 70 years since confederation that we do not have a paved road system. We are still unclear as to when, or if, we will ever be the recipient of this much-needed transportation improvement to our current dirt roads.

This very important road link would definitely provide growth and development as well as the survival of the small towns in this section of our district.  

Recent governments have failed us miserably. 

As an example, this past Liberal government failed to complete the upgrading of the roads which was almost finished, ready for paving, by the previous PC government. This was a very costly mistake, a very bad decision which has cost the Newfoundland and Labrador taxpayers millions of dollars as this work will have to be redone once these roads are finally paved. 

Much of the upgrading material is being worn away by the passing traffic and weather conditions.

A lack of financing is no longer an excuse. Millions of dollars are flowing in from the oil and gas sector and other sources including the Atlantic Accord.  The Liberal government could easily borrow the money to complete the roads that people rightfully deserve, immediately, so that we can enjoy and reap the economic benefits to our district today versus when we are all dead and gone.

I am 88 years young — the clock is ticking.

One does not have to be a Rhodes scholar to realize and understand just how wonderful and beneficial this road network would be to all the small towns in this whole area of St. Mary’s Bay. 

It is felt that due to its terrible condition the road to Whitbourne via Markland and the TCH should get first priority. This road is now listed by CAA as one of the three worst roads in Canada.

Clearly, this proves the total neglect and disregard by our current Liberal government.

It is not my intention to be disrespectful, negative or insulting, however the reality of this situation is there for all to see. 

These are the truthful, cold hard facts of how we have been ignored and forgotten by our elected governments.

It is time for all people in this district to stand up and demand much more attention and support.

We must speak out loud and clear, tell it as it is. 

Politeness don’t work anymore.  We are a proud people and this Liberal government has no right to ignore us.

After all ,we did vote this current government in to office giving them good jobs with lots of benefits. We are not looking for another Muskrat Falls with billions of dollars over budget and wasted. 

We are desperately looking for a good road system so we can have equal opportunity to grow, develop and look forward to a bright, prosperous future. 

Any government worth their salt would ensure that all constituents receive fair and just treatment.

William Davis

Former Mayor of Colinet

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