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LETTER: Plastic bags — Just ban them all already

Film plastics, including plastic shopping bags, no longer have a final destination for recycling since China stopped accepting them on Jan. 1. The Nova Scotia government is considering banning them but so far municipalities in Cape Breton are not.
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A number of countries are banning single-use plastic bags — the usual supermarket types — and although this is a good start they should ban all plastic bags in shops.

The ban has been well-supported by most people, although there have been cases of plastic bag rage at shops when people have forgotten.

This is another example of the decline of standards of some people and no shop assistant should be yelled at for a customer’s mistake.

There are already too many bags in our rubbish tips and ocean creatures’ stomachs. People need to grow up, get some cloth bags and reuse them.

Dennis Fitzgerald

Melbourne, Australia


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