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LETTER: Poor service, poor decision from Eastern Regional Service Board

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I am a cabin owner in the Ocean Pond Area serviced by the Eastern Regional Service Board (ERSB) and writing in response to a letter titled “Is it really about the bag of garbage at the Cabin?” from ERSB chairperson Ed Grant.

In response, yes.

The writer is out of touch with the wishes of the vast majority of recreational/secondary property owners in the new garbage collection service areas.

We live in a democracy. If this issue was put to a vote prior to ramming the new garbage “cottage country” pickup regions down the electorate’s throats it would overwhelmingly fail to pass.

The fact is the majority of people in not only this cottage area, but many others, got along fine prior to garbage pickup and these extra service areas are simply not needed.

In fact, I will argue there is more garbage flying around in our area since garbage pickup because garbage was simply not left outside for pickup.

Considering the provincial financial and tax situations we need to make tough choices and informed decisions about where our money is spent.

Incurring extra garbage collection service cost in cottage country and taking people to court if they do not pay for it remains a poor decision.

Tony Mercer

St. John’s

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