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Letter: Praise for excellent medical care

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to say some good words about our much maligned health-care system.

Recently, an acute surgical problem came up and when I phoned the family practice clinic on a Monday morning I was given an appointment for two hours later. After being examined by the family physician I was sent for further treatment to the Emergency department. Everybody I came in contact with there was efficient and pleasant — the nurses, doctors and other staff made me feel supported and in good hands.

After a minor surgical procedure under sedation, I was given time to recover before being seen by the surgeon on call to determine further action. I was declared ready for discharge, visits by the home-care nurse were set up and a prescription was written.

All this happened in a place busier than Grand Central Station!

So, here are my heartfelt thanks to all who treated me, last but not least to my husband, who stayed the course.

From entry point to end point, it was a very encouraging experience.


Elke Molgaard

St. John’s

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