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Letter: Props for Paul Lane

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I think Paul Lane has a chance to change the future of Newfoundland and Labrador in a good way.

This latest byelection was only a distraction from the provincial General Election in 2019.
Paul has established himself as a very credible MHA, speaking out on all issues for the good of the province. We all know the NDP are not a credible alternative. The only independent is Paul — he can speak to issues but decisions are made by cabinet.

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In my opinion the Liberals are not a good fit at this time for Paul. The reason is this Liberal government is hell bent on their “The Way Forward” and it is very unlikely he would become a Cabinet minister and would not be involved in decision making.
The PCs: Paul already has distanced himself from the Muskrat Falls fiasco. PC MHAS are almost non-existent. If Paul were a member of the PC party it’s a very good chance he could become the leader of the PC party.
With Ches Crosbie winning the byelection and Paul a member of the PC party it’s a very good chance he would be a high profile minister in Crosbie’s cabinet.
Paul would be very marketable to entice other high-profile credible people to run for the PCs in 2019.
Paul Lane, time is short.

Jerome Terry

Mount Pearl

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