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LETTER: Saddened by reduction in local columns

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I am saddened by this weekend’s announcements regarding the cutting back of the local columns.

This is beginning to feel like the death by a thousand cuts.

I understand that print is on its way out but unfortunately your loyal print readers — such as my husband and I and several of our neighbours in this 50 + complex who are just that: loyal — can you blame us for feeling that we are being swept under the rug?

Those of us born pre and soon after the Second World War have a tough enough time keeping up with the warp speed of change in the 21st century and the loss of our daily paper is just another blow because I’m sure that’s coming.

Anyway thanks for reading this — your job cannot be an easy one.

Patricia Ploughman

St. John’s

Editor’s note: In a couple of weeks The Telegram will celebrate 140 years, and we intend to maintain our commitment to independent journalism and to remaining relevant in our readers’ daily lives for many more years to come.

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