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LETTER: Seniors need housing help

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Affordable accommodation/apartments for low-income seniors is a must. Low-income housing should have all the normal amenities that other apartments have but for half the price.

We all need to live and age with dignity.

Seniors have a hard enough time trying to make ends meet.

We have a 65+ card that is only good if you have to take a lot of meds. I have visual issues and have had heart valve surgery. Heart medications did not agree with me, therefore I have to pay for my own heart medication (a more natural form). Dentistry, eye glasses, hearing aids are all necessary for a senior to live as a normal person in today’s world. None of these are covered under the 65+ card.

As a senior, you try to help yourself stay healthy and prevent illness.

Some boomers that are seniors now worked in retail and clinics, etc. We were paid minimum wage. Benefits in retail were discounts in that store or, in a chiropractic clinic, you got adjustments, in which I know I appreciated and was grateful for.

We all at that time had extra expenses to take care of and it was impossible to have private insurance. As a retired couple there is no way we can afford rent at $800-$1,200 per month plus POU living on a fixed income, especially when there are other things to worry about (example: health care).

Rent prices keep going up every year. Some people that own rental properties have no insight or consideration for others.

Example: take a senior’s monthly income for a couple: $2,500 @25 per cent of income = $625 + POU.

Or, $2,500 @30 per cent of income = $750 utilities included.

These two examples would be reasonable as long as every year you remain at 25 per cent or 30 per cent.

Now take the same monthly income of $2,500 per month for a couple and rent is $900 up to $1,200 plus you pay your own utilities.

There is no way you can do it.

There are other living expenses to deal with.

I’m 69 years old. If I had no health issues, I’d love to go back to work.

Shirley Parsons

St. John’s

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