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Letter: Short’s commentary reflects his negativity

How could I not respond to Robin Short’s version of what happened at Pearson International Airport recently?

I have been reading his sports articles for years and he is by far the most negative sports editor to write for The Telegram.

He loves to talk about St. John’s not being a sports city and the “white elephant” called Mile One stadium. He puts down parents who register their children in hockey schools in the summer because he thinks it’s not good for them, but then he goes on about the good old baseball of the ’60s in St. John’s and how the Guards and the Feildians had such great teams.

Outside of St. John’s, we do not have the same interest in the old boys’ club.

Now, back to Pearson International Airport where the two fine gentlemen from Newfoundland, Sean Sullivan and Sheldon Thornhill, entertained the crowd with their talent and music.

This is something that we inherited; it is in our DNA, and we will never let it go. Whenever we hear that beat that sounds right to our ears, we tap our feet and sing along wherever we are.

So thanks guys, for making such a good news story. Robin, it’s too bad you didn’t reside in the centre of St. John’s — you could’ve heard more of another famous Newfoundlander, John White.


William Tobin

Witless Bay

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