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Letter: Social justice warriors out in full force

I would like to comment on the lengthy item in The Telegram of Dec. 9, 2017 regarding violence against women and girls. It is encouraging to note that though almost everything else is in a spiral to the economic abyss in this province, the professional victim industry is in full tilt, lathered with lots of tax money and mock outrage to carry on with its good, self-serving work.

The article starts off with a mysterious assertion that fully one half of women in this province will be or are the victims of violence. There is no supporting evidence for this declaration nor any indication of where the statistic came from.Of course, this figure gets magnified regarding aboriginal women because it is claimed in the article that it is three and a half times worse for aboriginal women.

Nothing is as full as righteous fury as a social justice warrior determined to improve all our lives with their agenda, whether we like it or not.

The article insinuates, I suppose, it is men responsible for all this mayhem, though this is not baldly stated. The article fudges around intoning consultations are not needed because these social justice warriors know already what has to be done but they will do the consultations anyway. However, no one quoted in the article actually comes out and says what indeed has to be done except as noted below.

NDP MHA Gerry Rogers,who seems to forget she also is supposed to represent men as well as women in her constituency with her constant hectoring about women’s rights, seems to be keen to get on with, well, whatever has to be done — she doesn’t say what. Nothing is as full as righteous fury as a social justice warrior determined to improve all our lives with their agenda, whether we like it or not.

Interestingly, in the article one of the social justice warriors goes on to apparently want to expand the violence against women concerns to “comments” that she would deem sexist or degrading. These comments have to stop, she intones. How that is to be enforced however is not explained.So apparently the mandate or should that be “womandate” should be expanded to include suppressing nasty comments.

The provincial government, like all governments, love throwing tax money at these social justice issues to virtue signal with our tax money they are down with the Cause (what Cause? Whatever!) Bromide Master in Chief/Chef Andrew Parsons — a far better spokesman, I mean spokesperson, than inarticulate Premier Dwight Ball — will keep these social justice warriors chattering together right up to the next election. Time-consuming task force anyone?

Put on lots of coffee social justice warriors committee members, ’cause you will need it to help swallow the sticky slogans, chunky bromides and assorted acidic assertions of Chief/Chef Parsons and his political henchmen — I mean henchwomen, I mean henchpersons.


Robin Reid

St. John’s

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