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Letter: Some children of the ‘scoop’ had happy lives

Justin Trudeau and his gang have allocated $800 million as compensation for First Nations kids who were taken from reserves, where they were being neglected by their parents and placed in “white” homes.

My wife and I adopted a native child in this time frame and our son, who is an adult now, says that if it hadn’t been for our intervention, he would be dead.

Our son is so much better off, working as an independent contractor. He recently visited his birth mother’s gravesite and, as he walked through the graveyard and saw the headstones of the baby Indians who had passed away, he said, “If it hadn’t been for you and Mom, I would be lying there.”

There were some tough times as he grew to adulthood, but we were blessed to have him in our life. I know we made a difference.

This new legislation ignores the role of the adoptive parents and portrays us as villains in this “scoop.”

What the government will not say is that many First Nations parents abandoned these children, sometimes abusing them — as our son was — leaving them in dire straits. Now us “nasty white folks” are the bad guys. Disgusting. 

Decisions like this by the Liberals make my blood boil!


James Stanton
Mount Pearl

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