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LETTER: Some thoughts for Epilepsy Awareness month

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

March is Epilepsy Awareness month.

Apart from realizing that many of our family members, friends, coworkers and people we encounter every day may be suffering in silence please also be aware that there are other unnecessary complications that have to be dealt with.

Next time you get a prescription filled check to see if your medication is generic.

Generic drugs replacing brand names are not acceptable for some people with seizure disorders who especially rely on the proper dose.

The substances that are used as fillers, dyes, or binders sometimes differ in generic/brand name medications, and this can occasionally make a difference in how quickly they are absorbed from your stomach or processed by your body.

If the drug given is generic and not 100 per cent as effective as the brand prescribed by the doctor then you may not be getting what you need to control your seizures.

This month (and every month) please remember that all disabilities are not visible. Please extend kindness, understanding and support to others as they may be suffering far more than you realize and please refresh yourself in seizure first aid:

• Please calmly stay with the person having the seizure

• Allow plenty of space

• Protect them from injury

• Loosen anything tight around the neck

• Put something soft under the head

• Turn on their side to prevent choking

Never put anything in their mouth

Never restrain them

• If the seizure is longer than 5 minutes call an ambulance

• Afterwards provide support and allow them to rest.

You never know when you or someone close to you will have a seizure so it’s good to be prepared. If you have a brain you can have a seizure.

Cynthia Callanan

St. John’s

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