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Letter: Sorry about Donald Trump, Canada

On behalf of the United States, I am truly sorry for the horrible behaviour that U.S. President Donald Trump has displayed towards Canada. As our good friend and one of our closest allies, you deserve better. The Trump trade war is a disaster and has hurt both American and Canadian business, while driving a sharp wedge in between a normally strong relationship, based on mutual respect.

As a Democrat running for U.S. House to represent all of Alaska, I hope to be elected to the United States Congress, and work to mend this torn relationship. Canada has done the right thing by holding its ground on the trade issue and I would like to compliment Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his professionalism and dignified approach to politics, as well as his genuine concern for human rights.

Tell Prime Minister Trudeau I send my kind regards. Maybe we can work things out over some maple syrup, smoked salmon and legal cannabis from Marc Emery? Also, sorry for the U.S. government putting Marc Emery in prison over pot seeds.

President Trump might be an idiot, but don’t worry, America loves you Canada!

Carol (Kitty) Hafner
Democrat for Alaska U.S. Representative

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