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Letter: Summer Jobs Program a violation of our rights

Infringement on the rights and freedoms of Canadians as enshrined in the Charter of RIghts and Freedoms is clearly evident in the action of the Liberal government with regards to the funding for the Summer Student Employment program. Requiring groups and organizations to agree to the content in the application process for funding is offensive and unnecessary and violates our constitutional rights as Canadians.

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The Summer Jobs Program is about providing opportunities for students to work in the community and help in many areas of need, and to further their education by the income they earn in this way.

The application violates our constitutional rights, and to some organizations and religious groups, also offends moral and faith beliefs. In Canada, we do celebrate Religious freedom, and though diverse in many ways, we are tolerant, respectful and are free to express our views and practice our individual faiths. It is important that this continue and not be marred by our politicians overstepping their election purposes to represent and include all Canadians in government.

Should this type of action be tolerated by us as Canadians? Should we not protest this violation of our freedom of speech? Should we not protest to our Members of Parliament? Should we not let our Prime Minister know that we resent this intolerance of the Christian ethic and faith? Is it democratic of our Prime Minister to tell us that we have to support the abortion practice in order to serve as a Member of Parliament in the Liberal party of Canada? Is it fair for government to have us tick a box to say we favour reproductive rights (abortion) and other issues which test our faith in order that our youth can participate in the Summer Jobs Program?

The answer is evident as to the action we should take to protest this violation of our human rights and freedom of speech in this country of Canada that we are so proud to call home.


Colette Fleming

Mount Pearl

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