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LETTER: Support is a fickle thing

Jeff Parsons/St. John's Edge - Carl English of the St. John's Edge, the reigning National Basketball League of Canada MVP, will undergo surgery Friday to repair an injured thumb, and there's no timetable for his return. That's more bad news for a team that's now lost three in a row.
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As I sit here and watch the Memorial University Seahawks play the UPEI Panthers, I look around me and cannot help but notice the lack of fans attending these games.

The venue seats roughly 1,170 people but there are fewer than 160 in attendance and that includes the members of the UPEI women’s team, as well.

The name has been changed many times over the years: CIAU, CIS and most recently U-SPORT. In Canada it’s the Northern-based cousin of the NCAA, and in the U.S. the NCAA, as we all know, is a hot commodity sold-out venues for just about every game. But up North the same cannot be said.

It is even more confusing considering that we have a pro-basketball team that breaks records for attendance in its respective league — the National Basket Ball League of Canada.

So many times we hear people use lack of money as an excuse as to why or why not we do not have certain things in our city.

A lot of the problem really seems to be that we don’t know how to get out of our own way most of the time, considering that no matter what, people seem to find the money to do the things that they want to do if it’s provided for them.

But as Newfoundlanders sometimes we are our own worst enemy, it seems. Oftentimes we are met with the negative attitude: “Oh that will never work here” or “Go on no one will like that.”

How many times have you heard that?  Just stop for a minute and think. More times than not I’m willing to bet. 

This was kind of the case when it was announced a professional basketball team was coming to town, people were like “This is not a basketball town” and “that will never work here.”

But to those naysayers I say you are definitely wrong.  It’s been a continued success game after game, and I think it’s about time that we embrace more here in our city, for the sake of growth, for the sake of our own entertainment.

People are always complaining that there’s never anything to do here. But there’s lots to do here and there could be even more if you just live outside the box and open your mind a little bit more to the possibilities that are already here.

Hockey fans that don’t support local hockey or basketball fans who don’t support local basketball. Just because it’s not an NHL team or an NBA team doesn’t mean it is not professional sports.

I, myself, was skeptical at first but once you let your guard down and give things the opportunity you’re oftentimes very surprised on how much you can enjoy something that you once never considered.

People say there’s nothing to do or that we have nothing here and then do not support these things like the Edge and The Growlers. Then, if they go away, people complain about it but never gave them the opportunity or support while it was here.

Will we ever learn?

Jason Pike

St. John’s

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