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Letter: Take five minutes, take the survey

Hate crimes against Muslims in Canada have increased by 60 per cent from 2014 to 2015. This attitude was one of the leading factors that led to the death of six men and the injuries to 19 others when Alexandre Bissonnette opened fire in Quebec Masjid on Jan. 30.

The Canadian Community Engagement Study is being undertaken to understand the level of communication between Canadians Muslims and their fellow Canadians. The survey aims to take a deeper look at how Canadians think and feel about Muslim Canadians. The survey also aims to understand the Muslim experience in Canada and their perceptions of how fellow Canadians perceive them. Think for Actions and Insights Matter, along with nine researchers, 11 advisers and 19 students from eight different Canadian universities have created a short, five-minute survey.

All Canadians 18 years and older can complete the survey online:
The results from the study will be shared at The Unity Conference: Stronger Together — Strength in Diversity on Sept. 16th at the University of Calgary. The conference aims to deconstruct Islamophobia/alienation by educating Canadian and Canadian Muslim institutions on the roots, effects and remedies to discrimination, marginalization and systemic racism.


Dr. Mukarram Zaidi, chairman and founder
Think for Actions

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