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Letter: Thankful for The Telegram, but wish it was bigger

I’d like to thank the staff of The Telegram for continuing to deliver a good product day after day with plenty of detail that the other local media outlets don’t provide.

It’s telling though, that I am can usually finish the daily edition within 20 minutes and the Weekend within an hour compared to double that time five years ago.

Not that I am reading any quicker — rather, I feel that the content continues to decline with each passing month.

Even the Saturday car guide has been reduced to a shadow of its former self, as columns from Malcolm Gunn and other syndicated Wheelbase stories are no longer there.

I’m also missing “Click and Clack” and the pre-owned section. Haulin’ Asphalt was a fun column, too; any chance of Ken Simmons picking that one up again?

There is no doubt that the newspaper business has changed immensely over the last decade. I hope that Telegram owner SaltWire Network recognizes the fact that reducing content in our newspapers will only erode readership and circulation further.


Barry Crocker

St. John’s

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