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Letter: This doesn’t feel like a “have” province

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It seems we are again heading toward bankruptcy while we are considered a “have” province. Why is this?

Ottawa owes Newfoundland big time, for several reasons.

  1. We got shafted by Ottawa on the Churchill Falls deal because the federal government of the day asked Joey Smallwood not to push for our rights to have a transmission line across Quebec, mainly to prevent a possible civil war because of what the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) were doing. Quebec took advantage of the circumstances and we’ve been robbed ever since.
  2. Ottawa is making billions off our oil because they own Hibernia. They did put in the seed money to kick-start the offshore oil industry, but they made that cost back years ago and continue to rake in million or billions every year since. Is this fair? They just celebrated the one billion barrel recovery a few weeks ago. I don’t know what the average price was over that period, but if it was $30 a barrel, that means $30 billion that went to someone after expenses. How much went to Ottawa, how much to Newfoundland? Ottawa should turn Hibernia back to Newfoundland for free so we can receive our full value for our resources.
  3. Since we joined Canada, how much of our fishery resource has been bartered away to foreign countries so Quebec and Ontario could benefit in having car plants built and sell their manufactured items to foreign countries. How much wheat, meat and other grains have moved overseas to give to foreigners access to our fish resource? How much of our fishery resources are taken outright from Newfoundland and given to other provinces? We are the province closest to the resource and should have the right to that resource.
  4. Equalization is another farce. They jiggle around numbers so we get nothing while we are heading for bankruptcy, still Quebec and Ontario — the wealth-manufacturing centre of Canada — get the lion’s share. Where are our politicians, where are the book authors who should be embarrassing Ottawa with this injustice every day? They are finally doing right for wrongs done to the native population of our country, when will they do right for wrongs done to Newfoundland and Labrador?

Is it because we have a small population and only seven members in the House in Ottawa that we have no political clout? Therefore they can trample on our rights. A federal system of government is supposed to ensure the rights and living standards of its citizens are equal, wherever they live in that country. It is not working in Canada.


Everett Adams



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