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Letter: This province is in desperate need of jobs

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I can tell Premier Dwight Ball and Advanced Education Skills and Labrador Minister Hawkins I have absolutely no problem with the cutting of red tape for anyone.

What I see is the government neglecting our own.

I have run my own small business for 35 years and I know a lot of “just ordinary people.” In this past year, I have seen many young people whose parents and grandparents still live here, leave. The reason? They can’t find employment.

Here lately I am seeing parents move to where their children are because of not being able to afford to live here, and the uncertainty of electricity rates is adding to that.

I know many young people who went to Memorial University, College of the North Atlantic or another college, owing thousands of dollars in student debt, who are unemployed or working at some minimum-wage job because they can’t get work in their field. Many are forced to move elsewhere for employment.

So, when we have more people looking for the same work, this will get worse.

You cannot manufacture jobs. You need industry that requires employees. This government and other governments entice industries here with subsidies, and when the subsidies end they are gone.

  1. Cut red tape, yes.
  2. Stop subsidizing industries.
  3. Stop giving away our resources.

There is nothing wrong with upgrading qualifications in any field of employment, but that doesn’t create employment.

You have to remember that Newfoundland and Labrador’s unemployment rate is 15.5 per cent — not including people who have had their employment hours reduced.

Jerome Terry
Mount Pearl

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