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Letter: Time could be ripe for a regional power play

With the federal government looking at phasing out coal-fired power plants, I wonder if there is a possibility of one electric utility for the Atlantic provinces.

The federal government is pushing for greener energy, i.e. the carbon tax and the phasing out of coal-fired power plants, which Nova Scotia and New Brunswick both have. Also, the Point Lepreau nuclear plant in New Brunswick will only last so long before it’s decommissioned.
The Maritime Link will connect the island to the mainland, which is being built to transmit Muskrat Falls power to N.S. Fortis already owns Maritime Electric, P.E.I.’s electric utility, and Newfoundland Power. Maritime Electric is supplied by two submarine cables, with power supplied by NB Power.
Once the Maritime Link is built and Muskrat Falls is finally built, would it make economic sense to close down the N.S. and N.B. coal-fired power plants and connect up to Muskrat Falls power? Bell Canada bought out all the Atlantic provinces’ telephone utilities and made one utility to serve the region. The time might be close to do the same for electric utilities.

Gary R. French
St. John’s

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