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Letter to the editor: Trump the economist … not!

President Donald Trump speaks during a graduation ceremony at the U.S. Naval Academy on Friday in Annapolis, Md.
U.S. President Donald Trump

Having demonstrated his total lack of aptitude for international diplomacy, his inability to tell the truth, his disregard for democratic institutions and his ignorance of his own country’s system of government, U.S. President Donald Trump is now showing the world just how little awareness he has of economic reality.

The tariffs he has already imposed, and others he is reportedly considering, are aimed at friend and foe alike. The president is claiming “National Security” as his excuse for hampering international trade, although it is not easy to see how the security of the U.S.A. could be threatened by trade between long-term allies. It’s just one more example of Trump’s tenuous grip on reality, as if anybody needed another example.

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It has been calculated that the tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum will have as great a negative effect on U.S. manufacturers as they will on Canadian producers.

An aptitude for real-estate development does not guarantee an understanding of international trade, any more than it ensures the skillset needed for governing a large national federation.

We already knew of Trump’s short attention span, his Grade-4 reading level, and his difficulty with objective truth. We were also aware that he was unfamiliar with the concept of ethics when first he arrived in Washington, and that he has studiously avoided using them (whatever they may be) in his personal, professional, and political life. Now we learn that the president is willing to throw the whole world into economic chaos, quite possibly without even knowing

what that means.

He and his henchpersons have been muttering about a “Deep State” that is trying to undermine his presidency, and using it to explain away his repeated failures to do what he promised to do. It seems clear that this nefarious Deep State, in fact, refers to the democratic foundations on which the U.S.A. was founded. It’s not hard to see how those basic democratic principles would be troublesome for a man who hasn’t a democratic bone in his body. A man who wants to govern like an absolute monarch will be prevented from doing so by the Deep State, because he was foreseen by the “framers” of the Constitution, bless their revolutionary hearts!

Ed. Healy


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