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LETTER: Trudeau’s true colours revealed

The past 24-hour news cycle has been a lesson for politicians in how not to manage a crisis. The resignation of Jody Wilson-Raybould from the federal Cabinet has been so poorly mishandled by Prime Minister Trudeau that even his Quebec constituents must be losing faith in Justin.

Firstly, the PM has asked Canadians to believe that the resignation of his star indigenous leader has come as a complete shock and surprise to him.

This, after he demoted her from federal Justice minister to minister for Veterans Affairs.

Secondly, during Tuesday’s news conference in a Winnipeg bus station, he continually referred to Wilson Raybould as “Jody.”


Yet he went on to reassure us that Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan can take over in Veterans Affairs, implying Wilson-Raybould won’t be missed.

Not once did Trudeau refer to his minister of Defence as “Harjit.”

But “Jody” is “Jody.”

The feminist veneer Trudeau has sold us has now been exposed for what it really is — lip service.

Thirdly, Trudeau had a responsibility to stay on top of the SNC-Lavalin scandal. This company has faced numerous corruption allegations over the years. It is a Quebec company employing thousands of voters who benefited from $68 million in federal contracts last year alone. SNC-Lavalin faces possible new criminal charges over a bridge contract in that city. And then there are the bribery charges in Libya.

Did Trudeau and/or his officials pressure the then Justice minister to “negotiate” a settlement with SNC Lavalin and drop the criminal court proceedings? Bring on the investigation.

Trudeau’s true colours are showing at a time when Canadians are thinking about a federal election in October.

I would like to see the Liberals challenge Trudeau’s leadership in favour of a Liberal leader who likes to speak “truth to power” – Jody Wilson-Raybould herself.

Cathy White

Portugal Cove–St. Philip’s

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