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Letter: Two little angels in heaven

Nevaeh Denine. — Telegram file photo

Nevaeh Denine, who passed away Aug. 6, 2018 at the age of nine.

Isla Short, April 28, 2014–Nov. 1, 2017.

Isla Short
Isla Short


As I am writing this letter I am looking at both their pictures on my kitchen wall.

While I did not know either of these little angels, I knew the Shorts of Deer Lake, they were my second family.

Nevaeh I knew from the stories of her lemonade stand and I have paid special attention over the years. The reason being, cancer has been very hard on my family for 70 years and the last 25 years it has been rampant and getting worse every year. The last few years it has been killing our young, not only the two children mentioned in this article but many more young children who didn’t get a chance to know what a normal life was.

To the Denine family, my deepest sympathy to you, and keep the lemonade stand open every year. We must not forget these two little angels who made a bigger impact on people’s lives in their short time on Earth than anyone I know. Hopefully we can wake up the health-care system and our politicians, and especially the Canadian Cancer Society, and find out what is the cause of this terrible plague called cancer, that is killing our young and old alike and getting worst every year. In other words, we are losing the battle with this plague and this has to stop.

Capt. Wilfred Bartlett, retired

Green Bay South

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