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Letter: Victims of ISIS might find oppression in Canada

As ISIS has been driven out of village after village in Iraq and Syria, remarkable pictures have come out of these liberated towns. In each picture, a woman has torn off her niqab, thrown it on the ground and caught it on fire. Just as remarkable, in each picture the woman is surrounded by a group of men who are watching her — with approval — as she destroys her niqab.
Meanwhile, back in Canada (especially English Canada), the niqab has become the latest cause celebre for the progressives. From coast to coast, their collective voice has been raised in a mighty roar as they condemn Quebec’s ban on the niqab — while embracing it themselves as the latest chapter in the never-ending struggle for human rights, human dignity and women’s empowerment.
And now, the government has proudly announced it is well on track to take into Canada hundreds of ISIS “sex slaves.” These raped and traumatized women will come to Canada with the expectation of finding a safe haven — far away from the niqab and all the horrors associated with it. Instead, they will find that the niqab (with the help and support of the progressives) is already here — patiently waiting for them — smiling.

Llew Hounsell

Corner Brook

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