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LETTER: Waiting for answers on Muskrat contingencies

['<p>Progress on the HVdc transmission line (the Labrador-Island Transmission Link).</p>']
The Labrador-Island Transmission Link under construction. - File

We were told repeatedly during Round 1 of the Muskrat Falls Inquiry that with the advent of the Maritime Link the “deplorable” Holyrood Generating Station would be mothballed because in the event of a failure in the Labrador Island Link (LIL), Emera would supply us with 300 megawatts of backup power which would be transmitted into the Avalon peninsula where 80/50 per cent of demand/population is concentrated.
Is this the case? Seeking clarification on Jan. 21 I asked Minister of Energy Siobhan Coady to respond to the following:
• A copy of the agreement between Emera and Nalcor respecting supply of the 300 megawatts in the event of a failure in the LIL.
• Is there sufficient existing transmission capacity to supply the power to the Avalon?
Four weeks later after repeated requests for an answer I have received nothing, not even an acknowledge of receipt.

These are not complicated questions and the answers should be readily available.
I am now calling on the minister to answer forthrightly these questions. After the expenditure of some $14 billion we are entitled to know that we will at least have a reliable energy system. The absence of same could very well mean rolling blackouts and power rationing that would decimate the provincial economy and impose pervasive misery on a subject population.
Madame Minister, the people deserve better.

Andy Wells
St. John’s

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