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LETTER: Walls of history

I wish to respond to Ed Healy’s letter published Jan. 10 in The Telegram.

Healy appears to be less than enthusiastic about Donald Trump’s proposed wall for the southern boundary with Mexico.

Healy claims there is no evidence that the wall is necessary.
I need only point out countries have a right to protect their borders and not everyone in the world has a right to move to the U.S.A.

We need only turn to history to find a good example of how effective a border wall can be. About 2,000 years ago the great — one of the best — Roman Emperors, Hadrian ordered the construction of a great wall between Roman Britain and the northern “barbarians.”

Hadrian’s Wall as it became known served very effectively to protect Roman interests for over 300 years — a period longer than the U.S.A. has even existed to date. The wall was not merely a military rampart but also regulated trade, commerce, tribal relations and legitimate settlement within the Empire as approved by the Emperor.

Hadrian’s Wall only became compromised when the Romans had to remove troops from the wall to other places in the Empire which did not have a wall for protection.

So yes, Trump build the wall and yes, Mr. Healey, the U.S.A. will continue to protect its southern border. Canada will benefit from a strong U.S.A. southern border control.

Otherwise these new barbarians will be on our southern border and we have seen how the Trudeau government has bungled that situation.

Robin Reid

St. John’s

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