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LETTER: ‘A message to you, Rudy’

Rudy Giuliani, U.S. President Donald Trump's personal lawyer. - Reuters

When The Specials issued their eponymous album in 1979, including the song “A message to you, Rudy,” Rudy Giuliani was not much known outside his own New York jungle.

He was certainly not a name to a group of “two-tone” boys from Coventry, in the “Black Country” of England. It was black, too, thanks to two centuries of unregulated heavy industry and coal-mining.

Now it’s been whitewashed and re-christened “The Heart of England,” but it’s the black heart of England, still.

Anyway, Jerry Dammers and his friends played some very nice Ska, and one of their best (in my humble opinion) songs remains “A message to you, Rudy,”

Somebody should have a quiet word with Giuliani and advise him not to take a bullet for Donald. Trump. The way things are going, Rudy may very likely be left holding the bag when his ungainly (but slippery) boss squirms out of this impeachment process.

Maintaining your loyalty to a man who will in no way be loyal to you in return is not just foolhardy, it’s suicidal.

The Specials’ message to all the rude-boys out there, and equally to Rudy Giuliani, Includes some good advice:

“Stop your foolin’ around;

time you straightened right out.

Better think of your future,

or else you’ll wind up in jail.”

Now, I don’t know if Giuliani listens to Ska, or if his skankin’ is ready for the public yet, but he should be prepared to do some shufflin’.

What’s more, he should not, above all, expect Trump to be Rock-steady — it’s just not in his nature.

It’s doubtful if Giuliani would accept advice from a bi-racial group of British lads he would no doubt dismiss as punks, so I’m probably wasting my time even suggesting it.

Still, it’s no waste of time listening to some of that iconic 1970s Two-Tone music.

It never was.

Ed Healy,


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