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LETTER: An N.L. vote for the federal Liberals is a betrayal of Alberta

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I would like to start off by saying how much I enjoy my time in Newfoundland when I get the chance to visit from Alberta.

The people are friendly, the food is great the vistas are spectacular.

Most, if not all, Albertans would agree we have a unique tie to the Rock — Albertans love the people and always welcome Newfoundlanders with open arms.

Sadly though, the great people of Newfoundland betray us every four years, a betrayal that we feel deeply in Alberta. Every vote cast for a federal Liberal in Newfoundland  and Labrador is a slap to the face of all Albertans.

I know that might sound a little extreme, but it is the absolute truth. The disappointment we felt four years ago when Newfoundland and all the Atlantic provinces lined up with the Trudeau Liberals was extreme.

We were shocked that the Atlantic provinces could be so swept up by a person like Justin Trudeau as if he was going to lead you all to some promised land of milk, honey and good fishing.

I would like to remind you what those same Liberals did to us in Alberta. They literally destroyed our oil and gas industry. All those MPs you sent to Ottawa pledge pure and unfettered support to a Liberal moron intent on shutting down the Alberta oil and gas industry, an industry that opened its arms to the people of Newfoundland when you needed us most. Thousands of people from the Rock were welcomed by Alberta and millions of dollars flowed back to Newfoundland to support families.

We know you didn’t like Stephen Harper, and maybe we saw a protest vote last time, but you hurt us badly. After all the goodwill we showed to the great people of your province, you decided to send Liberals intent on destroying Alberta to Ottawa.

That hurt and we were disappointed.

Just so you all are given proper notice, if you do that again, the consequences will be dire and real. If you participate in granting those same Liberals another term you will require a passport to get into Alberta.

We are collectively fed up with the attacks on our way of life and we will not allow them to take it away from us. Make no mistake, my friends, this is not a province playing games like Quebec to get a better deal.

This is not us making idle threats. Trust me — Alberta will leave if the Liberals are re-elected. We are sick and tired of being taken advantage of by a federation that completely disrespects us.

We are done.

So, my friends, when you visit the ballot box this fall, remember: a vote for the Liberals is a vote for Alberta separation.

Gord Cowan,
Medicine Hat, Alta.


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