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Letter: Anti-fur rhetoric is ‘a special kind of narcissism’

['A selection of the finished product, what the sealskin looks like once ready for market, and can sell upwards to $200, often crafted in products such as seat warmers, clothing and accessories.']
Sealskin pelts

Re: Letter: Time to think fur free in Newfoundland

Anti-fur protesters are an elitist cult. Not only do they have their opinions (which are based solely on short sighted emotion, and not on science, sustainability or ecology), but they actively seek out and harass people for not conforming to those same racist and unsustainable beliefs. That’s a special kind of narcissism.

When protesters are outside my store, attacking small business, spitting on Newfoundland/Labrador and Indigenous culture, and claiming to be animal saviours, they are dressed head to toe in non-biodegradable synthetic clothing. Clothing that will never decompose, and in turn, will pollute habitats and kill animals en masse for millennia. Do they care that they’re actively contributing to the dire situation with plastics in our oceans? Do they care about the animals killed inhumanely by their clothing? About the animals killed in shipping lanes because their “cruelty free” food and clothing (made by children in third world countries) have to be shipped across the world? About the greenhouse gasses emitted from this shipping? Their choices suggest absolutely not.

We are always increasing the amount of sustainable materials in our products (ie wool lining instead of synthetic), and the tanning agents are continually becoming more environmentally friendly. The agents are reused many times so the impact per garment is negligible and is a moot point.

Wild animals don’t grow old and die peaceful/pain-free deaths. They get eaten alive by other animals who have no regard for a humane kill.

They lose their ability to hunt and die cruelly while they starve. They get overpopulated and die of disease and starvation. Anyone who would prefer that over a quick and humane harvest where the animal gets put to good use, can’t claim to be compassionate or care about animal welfare.

These cult members who preach about being “cruelty free” are the same people who have threatened to dissolve my five-year-old daughter and I in acid.

They have about as much credibility as there are pothole-free roads in the province.

These cultists cause more widespread harm to animal populations than any sustainable harvest or biodegradable products do. When all the nonrenewable resources are used up and the vast majority of animal habitat is clearcut for farms, the San Franciscos and LAs of the world will be kicking themselves for contributing to this destruction, as they shift back to relying on the abundant renewable resources and biodegradable clothes that they shuttered. In Newfoundland, Labrador and Canada we are fortunate to still have the connection to our lands and resources that Hollywood knows nothing about. We’re 30 minutes ahead in time zone but we are years ahead of the curve simply by continuing a lifestyle that people will have no choice but return to.

Animal rights cultists live in glass houses and shouldn’t be throwing stones.

Jen Shears

NaturaL boutique

St. John’s

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