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LETTER: Anti-handgun column firing blanks — as usual

A Winnipeg city councillor this week called for a national ban on handguns. KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images files
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Good day, I am writing in response to your article “No one needs a Handgun.”

This is just another unwarranted attack on law abiding gun owners and on inanimate objects that some choose to own to carry out legitimate pursuits such as target shooting, hunting and collecting.

If we were to boil everything in this world down to need vs want, we would have a very different , boring and useless existence.

There would be no computers, cellphones, televisions, sports of any kind, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, etc.

After all, people existed many years without any of these items.

We would all live in small, simple houses — after all no one needs a million-dollar house, do they?

All cars and trucks would have the bare minimum in power and comfort. The 600- and 700-horsepower cars presently available wouldn’t be around, because people want them —not need them.

I could go on and on, but these examples alone make your argument groundless.

People choose to own different things because they want them. Funny though, the only items you mention are guns.

You are wrong about most Canadians wanting handguns banned.

A poll commissioned by the federal government came back that only 20 per cent of Canadians wanted changes to present gun laws.

As for target shooting being a negligible loss if guns were banned, there are two million licensed gun owners in Canada, as opposed to only 1.5 million people who play golf.

As for grandfathering, it would instantly make people’s investment in firearms worthless. Some people have hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in firearms.

Imagine if the government came out with a new policy that made your house worthless.

That wouldn’t go over too well, would it.

Grandfathering also shuts out all coming generations from firearm ownership, but that’s what your type really wants, isn’t it?

As for not being able to hunt with handguns, that is the case in Canada solely because the law doesn’t allow it, not because it can’t be done.

Millions of people in the U.S. legally hunt with handguns. There are a number of handgun calibers like the .50 AE and the .500 Smith and Wesson that have enough muzzle energy to meet the requirements for hunting moose under Newfoundland and Labrador wildlife law.

Many handguns can be fitted with scopes, so that kind of rules out your argument about not hitting anything in the wild.

Every day multiple people are killed with cars, but they weren’t designed for killing people , were they?

In closing, people get things in this world because they want them and — hopefully — that will continue. And people who want to own handguns and 700-horsepower cars don’t need people like you telling them what they can and cannot own.

And I didn’t open with you being a leftist, liberal hack, but I will close with it.

Scott Manning,
A proud NFA and NRA member,


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