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LETTER: Car break-ins breaking the bank

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Recently there has been lots of car break in’s in St. John’s. These burglars do not seem to want anything other than the little change in your car or something that can be sold off for cash.

Many people living in town have devised ways to keep their properties safe. They offer pieces of advice such as “Don’t leave any single valuable in your car, “Leave your car doors unlocked” and many others.

There was an attempted break-in on my car which was parked in my driveway last night.

There was an attempted break-in on my car which was parked in my driveway last night. I understand the need for car owners to take initiative and protect their cars as we haven’t really heard anything useful from the police. What is being done to catch these low-budget criminals? What is the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary doing about these incidents apart from just taking notes? Don’t we deserve answers, progress reports, anything? Is this going to be our new normal? Going to bed at night and sleeping with one eye closed, hoping that your car in your driveway isn’t broken into? Really?

There was an attempted break-in on my car which was parked in my driveway last night. What's worse is the fact that it makes no difference that it was an unsuccessful attempt. I still have to fix the broken car window myself as I can only afford third-party liability insurance. As the working poor, who has every paycheque budgeted before it arrives, this is another event that I have to fit into my expenses, and you know what? It won’t fit in. There’s just no space to accommodate paying for a smashed car window.

The “leave your car doors unlocked” rhetoric is not feasible for everyone. Someone like myself has to choose between leaving my car door unlocked to avoid a break-in while also hoping the car doesn’t get stolen. What do I do then? Please don’t say get full insurance coverage. I would if I could, however, not everyone can afford it. So, I’m very much pissed.

How long do these break-ins need to go on for before it miraculously stops, since our guardian angels, the RNC are not giving us results. How long before these (almost) everyday car break-ins start turning into frequent house break-ins? Is everyone just hoping it’ll pass someday like the plague? Well, good luck with that.

This menace must stop.

E.A. Collins

St. John’s


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