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LETTER: City’s plan for trails is deeply disturbing

Charlottetown Coun. Mike Duffy suggested that it may be time to require cyclists to register and display a licence plate.
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I totally agree with Robert Bishop in his June 13 letter “St. John’s Bike Plan already has a puncture.”

Frankly, I don’t think there is anything that I can add to his comments.

I am deeply disturbed by the thoughts that these beautiful tranquil trails could be widened , paved and in many places reconstructed.

A previous letter raised the issue of what has happened and is happening in Gros Morne, presumably to increase the number of visitors under the guise of “inclusion.”

On the one hand, our beautiful tourism ads tout our unspoiled natural beauty and on the other, we are bound and determined to “pave over paradise.”

Patsy Ploughman,
St. John’s


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