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LETTER: Conflicting columnists, conflicting opinions

Global warming-123RF.
Global warming-123RF. - SaltWire File Photo

As I noted previously, I turn first to the editorial and letters pages of the Telegram. I appreciate the variety of views of your local regular columnists.

They respect the concerns and interests of we, their readers.

However, my intelligence, and that of all your readers, is insulted by your two articles from the Post media Network on Saturday, Sept. 28 (page B12).

I am certain this is not the first time you have done so, but this is the first time my attention was called to the fact that in March 2019 you cancelled subscription to the Canadian Press, in favour of the Postmedia Network.

Publication of “commentary” by Mark Bonokoski and “analysis” by Vanmala Subramaniam, cancels out your page B3 editorial message from the SaltWire network that you are from now on recognizing the Climate “threat” as a “crisis.”

How can you possibly justify sacrificing precious newspaper columns to Bonokoski and Subramamanian nine pages after you, the SaltWire network, declared “We have an opportunity in Canada, right now, to insist that people running for office make addressing the climate crisis a priority. Let’s hold their feet to the fire.”

Penny Allderdice,
St. John’s

Editor’s note: SaltWire Network respects the rights of Postmedia columnists to express their opinions, but their inclusion in SaltWire publications, such as The Telegram, does not reflect editorial positions taken by SaltWire or The Telegram. Instead they are presented in the interests of offering a diverse range of opinions on issues of interest to our readers.


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