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LETTER: Elective Phys. Ed rather than mandatory?

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The present day graduation requirements in Newfoundland and Labrador high schools has a mandatory two credits in Physical Education.

I feel this is unfair to those who are more academically inclined to receive acceptance into post-secondary institutions.

These centres of higher learning take into consideration the overall average of the student. There are many students that do not excel in physical activities and should not be excluded for acceptance to their desired field.

The physical well-being cannot be achieved in 2-3 hours a week in school, but should be the responsibility of the parent. There are many school-related sports programs offered before, during, and after regular school hours. So learning team dynamics and social interactions can be maintained.

I am no way suggesting that the Phys. Ed. program be taken out of the curriculum, but rather, to make it an elective course instead of a compulsory one.

Some students are physically incapable to participate in these prescribed courses.

To be in an all-inclusive environment, if you do it for one you must do it for them all.

Stay fit students.

Jeff Holmes, 

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