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LETTER: Herbicides still a concern

Six days a week I turn to your editorial and opinion pages.

After a long drought, I finally was rewarded by cartoonist Kevin Tobin on Friday Sept. 6, when he featured a sensible woman in his cartoon.

I do thank him for making this rare effort to acknowledge our existence.

The question of yet unknown dangerous effects of “safe” herbicide sprays used by Hydro (as referenced in the cartoon) is truly serious.

I was immediately reminded of an experience related by Dr. Ian Simpson in his “Memoirs of a Newfoundland Doctor.”

On page 107 he recounted: “Sometime in the mid 1970’s I delivered a stillborn baby about eight weeks before the mother was due. No obvious cause could be found, but when I was talking to the mother the next day she said, “I know the cause. There were five or six of us pregnant at the summer school for teachers. One afternoon we were picking berries on the transmission line and a spray plane sprayed us. I was the last one to lose my baby.”

Penny Allderdice,
St. John's

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