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LETTER: Heroes on Ski-Doo, and next door

Many residents in the St. John's metro area are taking to the streets during this statement of emergency on snowmobiles, as these riders in Paradise did Saturday, but police are urging people not to do that, as municipalities try to clean up from record-breaking snowfalls.
Snowmobilers were out on snow-covered streets in Paradise Saturday. In Pouch Cove during the storm Friday night, Ski-Doos were vital in helping a family experiencing worrisome problems with their home’s electricity. — Telegram file photo

I live in Pouch Cove and on Friday evening we started having some scary stuff happening with our electricity from the wind. Our lights started blinking super fast, and then we lost half the power in the house.

We called Newfoundland Power, who obviously couldn’t come, but they told me to shut the main breaker off and call the fire department to check things out for smouldering, which I did. After a couple of hours of trying to get up the hill to my house, the Pouch Cove fire department had to come up on Ski-Doos (I have to admire their determination). After assuring me there was no fire in ceilings or wires I stayed all night with my cat while my husband was next door with the dog.

In the middle of this, my dog escaped in the storm and guys on Ski-doos helped us get her back. The next day my brother came to get me to go to his house on Ski-Doos, and because of the high snow drifts on the road we got stuck and had to be pushed and winched with the help of a neighbour.

We are now safe and warm at another neighbor’s house. I am so grateful to all the neighbours and the fire department for their help during this stressful week.

Cathy Crane,
Pouch Cove

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