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LETTER: I see a Liberal win as a terrible mistake

Parliament Hill in Ottawa.
Parliament Hill in Ottawa. - Wikimedia Commons

During the previous federal election people were fed up with the ruling Conservative party under Stephen Harper and they expressed their discontent by nearly wiping out the Conservative party in a nation-wide purge and landslide win by Justin Trudeau. 

Trudeau made a lot of promises, the two biggest being to bring about voter and Senate reform within 18 months and to balance the budget by 2019. 

He failed miserably on both of these issues and proved that he was all appearance and no substance, with multiple ethics violations, effectively killing the Alberta oilsands, and dividing the country. 

I want to remind everyone that Alberta has been very good to Newfoundland starting with the cod moratorium in 1993 that crippled the fishery. 

Alberta’s oilfields welcomed hardworking Newfoundlanders and, over the past two and a half decades, Alberta provided excellent incomes for thousands of Newfoundlanders willing to travel to work. 

Newfoundland and Alberta, as oil-producing provinces, should naturally be in solidarity.  The current Liberal government was complicit in effectively stagnating the Alberta oilfields by neglecting to protect Canada’s major economic engine from attacks by foreign-funded activists, and by actively passing Bill 69 and Bill 49, which will kill any chance of industry investment in pipelines and land locking Alberta oil by preventing oil tankers access to it. 

Your smiling Liberal MPs all voted for these bills at the expense of Newfoundland and Alberta workers, and all Canadians. They did not vote for their Newfoundland constituents, but voted to appease Trudeau. They cannot be rewarded by being voted in for another term — and a MP’s pension — and be permitted to wreak more havoc on Canada’s economy and sovereignty. 

Newfoundland and Alberta, as oil-producing provinces, should naturally be in solidarity. 

Just like the previous Tory government that lost touch with Canadians, the Liberals must be given a similar message by being voted out this election.

The government is, in effect, the manager and administrator of Canada, and as such, is voted in to protect Canadian interests first. 

There should not be one cent of our tax dollars leaving Canada while we have homeless veterans, starving senior citizens and working people living in poverty because they cannot afford basic necessities such as food, heat, medical support and shelter. 

Canadians need better health care, better education systems, better infrastructure management, better job creation and energy independence. 

Why should Canada be importing $20 billion worth of foreign oil when we own a third of the world’s oil reserves? 

The stupidity is mindboggling. 

But what is really mindboggling is the potential for Canadians to make the terrible mistake of voting the totally incompetent Liberal party and their leader, Trudeau, back into power. 

I don’t believe that the current MPs considered the damage their votes for Bills C49 and C69 did to Alberta, Newfoundland and Canada; they are only concerned with their own seat and getting a federal pension if they get elected to a second term. 

Don’t reward incompetence and irresponsibility with a vote. 

And whoever you vote in, it is up to you to keep them honest and ensure that they are voting in favour of their constituents, not just along party lines.

Derek Sproule,


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