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LETTER: Keep the U.S. borders closed for now

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence - Reuters

There are many adjectives to describe some Americans: vain, irresponsible, careless, and uncaring.

I could use more, but it probably won't get printed. Why do some Americans defy health authority requests? Do they think that they are invulnerable to COVID-19? No one is immune to this disease. What is the mindset to possibly exposing this virus to husbands, wives, and other loved ones?

Americans are continuously inundated with beliefs of being the best and the elite of people. Then why should they be concerned about a simple virus?

Well, no wonder with the statements coming from the top brass of the United States. The vice president of the United States recently stated that it is the constitutional right of all Americans to ignore health issues in order to have the right to assembly. Then you have the president stating that "If we didn't have more testing, we wouldn't have more cases."

What kind of backwoods country logic is this?

If this is our greatest trading partner and friend, then please, prime minister, don't open our borders to soon.

Jeff Holmes,


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