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LETTER: Local news only please!

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I notice that in the wake of SaltWire taking over ownership and editorial leadership of the Telegram, local news stories from the Maritimes are creeping in. These appear to be stories of local, i.e. Maritime Provinces interest as opposed to having a national focus or interest, covering such as indigenous persons in Cape Breton, entrepreneurs in P.E.I. and wind power, ancient artefacts and burial grounds in Nova Scotia.

From my perspective I have little or no interest in local goings on in the Maritimes, no more perhaps than the fine people of the Maritimes are interested in local Newfoundland and Labrador issues.

I hope that neither the SaltWire Network folks, nor others for that matter, are treating all Atlantic Canada as a single area, “down east,” where a story of interest in one area is of interest to all, I assure any such persons that is very likely not the case!

Marvin Barnes

St. John’s

Editor’s note: The Telegram is part of the SaltWire Network, and while local news will always be our main focus, we also want to keep our readers plugged in to what’s happening in the rest of Atlantic Canada, since we are part of that region and share many of the same challenges and values.

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