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LETTER: Muskrats and red herrings

The Muskrat Falls generation dam's spillway and powerhouse are shown in this in this October 2017 photo supplied by Nalcor Energy. Auditors testified Friday that Nalcor Energy didn’t adequately investigate energy alternatives before going ahead with the Muskrat Falls option.
The Muskrat Falls generation dam's spillway and powerhouse - Contributed

LETTER: Muskrats and red herrings

At the Muskrat Falls Inquiry on July 3, Nalcor Energy president and CEO Stan Marshall was under oath in the witness box.

Marshall was quoted in The Telegram the next day as saying, “We’re all to blame” and “To a certain degree we all bear some responsibility.”

I refuse to accept any blame or bear any responsibility for Danny Williams’ Folly.

If Kathy Dunderdale, Tom Marshall, Paul Davis and a posh lounge full of ministers, deputy ministers and other assorted professionals were chug-a-lugging the Kool-Aid by the barrel, why am I to blame or somehow responsible?

By my calculations, almost 500,000 people in this province bear no blame or responsibility for the embarrassing buffoonery connected with this second disastrous attempt at Churchill River hydroelectric development.

But we’ll pay the tab for the bacchanal.

Tom Careen,


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