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LETTER: Paradise, it ain’t

Island Construction president Steve Matheson said the company could handle more paving work, if the city asked.
A letter-writer says road work can be very disruptive, with the effects spilling over into other streets. — 123RF Stock Photo

…Especially if you live on Harcourt Road. The street is being used as a detour as Clearview Heights is under construction the past two months or more, for the new roundabout, water and sewage. What was once a quiet residential street is now a drag strip for vehicles of all kinds.

After many calls to the town, they placed orange pylons in the middle of the road. This has created an obstacle challenge for some and footballs for others. Many more calls resulted in a solar speed sign which was removed two days later. Many more calls, there was nothing but false promises. It was then decided to contact the mayor by email only to have it forwarded to another employee who has not even had the courtesy to contact us.

We, as residents, love our children and pets and, as well, we have concerns for our own safety, but it is obvious the town doesn’t care. We can only imagine the town thinks the problem will go away when construction is completed, maybe too late. With any luck, the next elected officials will be more sympathetic to such a cause.

Keith Patrick,

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