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LETTER: Pedalling the high road

A cyclist is reflected in a side mirror pedals down Hollis St. on Wednesday, June 25, 2014. halifax council is contemplating bike lanes one certain streets in the downtown core.
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It was somewhere on Cornwall Avenue, obeying traffic laws. A beautiful sunshiny day, minding my business, when my tranquility was shaken by the barking of a horn.

Low and behold, a gas guzzling pickup truck passes with a single driver yelling obscene obscenities and passionate pejoratives of nonsensical nasty nonsense.

The speedometer on the bike read 35 Kph. The bike hugged the side of the road. Stirred from the satisfaction of not spending money on oil that came from some regime with a shoddy record on human rights, one can’t help but wonder, what gave this person the right to be so obnoxious?

Of course, there were options when he passed. A rider would be in their right to return the courtesy and wave a finger at him likewise. Perhaps even to shout also, like some madman wild into an Easterly headwind.

Shag that.

Made it home from work faster than my car would have.

No road rage.

Felt the stress of work evaporate with each kilometre.

Don’t let a bozo ruin your ride.

Twenty kms clocked today and no gas burned.

Wear a helmet folks. Bike by example.

Matt Fuchs,
St. John’s


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