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LETTER: Remember when Tanya Tucker sang against the seal hunt?

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Anyone remember 1978 and the song “Save Me”? Probably not.
I do. I was a member of the military stationed in Ottawa and the song got a lot of play.

I listened to it once and it turned my stomach because it was just another ignorant celebrity singing about a topic she knew nothing about.
The singer is Tanya Tucker and she was protesting the seal hunt while at the same time in her country fishermen were hanging baited hooks from trees overhanging rivers to catch alligators
Now Ms. Tucker is coming to Mile One.
I won’t be going.
You don’t insult me, belittle me and then expect me to pay to listen to the “flower you have on” cause I know it’s poison ivy.
I wonder who else remembers.

Tom Badcock

St. John’s

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