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LETTER: Saddened by lack of funding for Autism Society

The Elaine Dobbin Centre for Autism in St. John’s.
The Elaine Dobbin Centre for Autism in St. John’s. - SaltWire Network

It was with great sadness that I read the story about layoffs to the Autism Society in this province.

As someone with Autism who has benefited from the society it saddens me to see this. They do some great work for people like myself every day and to see layoffs to a very vital service is very troubling.

I’ve dealt mainly with the career services part of the Autism Society. I’ve dealt with some fantastic people in that regard. The work that was done for me by these people was tremendous and will never be forgotten. Working with them I was able to achieve some great things.

The society also does great work for other people with Autism outside of career services. They do a transitions program which helps people with Autism improve their life skills. They have an outside garden at their St. John’s location which employs people with Autism.

They do so much for people with Autism in this province that they should never have to worry about funding not matching the need or staff being laid off.

I know there is an Autism action plan that was announced in the provincial budget this year. I think that’s going to help people like myself, for sure, but I also think that the Autism Society should get the help they need, as well.

To me, the Autism Society has staff with the experience and the empathy to help people like me.

Their funding should be increased to match the need.

In closing, we have money invested for a dam in Labrador but not the needed money for the great services provided by the Autism Society in this province — sounds like we need to change our priorities.

Tony Ducey,
Frenchman's Cove 


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