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LETTER: Shame on Sportsnet for firing Don Cherry

Don Cherry.
Don Cherry. - Stan Behal

How dare Sportsnet fire Don Cherry, a native-born Canadian who supports our veterans all year long.

Sportsnet is not supporting free speech for native-born Canadians but only for immigrants. They slapped our veterans in the face by doing it on Remembrance Day.

I agree he should not have used the phrase “you people” but anybody that takes offence against free speech might do well to return to their country of origin.

They are constantly crying that we hate them and native-born Canadians commit hate crimes against them. I do not hate them.The majority of them are really good for our country. Remember the phrase we used when we were children: “Sticks and Stone may break my bones but words can never hurt me.”

Nancy Shantz-Turpin,
Waterloo, Ont.


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