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LETTER: Slow clearing poses risks to St. John's pedestrians

The snow day holiday on Tuesday allowed capital city snowclearing crews to gain easy access for the clearing of streets and sidewalks, such as this sidewalk plow at work on Duckworth Street.
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I am writing about the rate at which sidewalks in St. John's were cleared after last Monday’s snowstorm.

I live on Long’s Hill. My child walks to school at Brother Rice. On Parade Street, Newtown Road and Merrymeeting the sidewalks on both sides of the streets were piled high with three to four feet of snow, for days after the storm. 

These are major walking routes for students at Holy Heart, Brother Rice and St. Bon’s, as well as the university.

Driving through these areas was dangerous, often with pedestrians in the street, on both sides, many walking with their back to the traffic.

Walking myself along Military Road between the Basilica and Rawlins Cross on Thursday, three days after the storm, I was nearly crying —  for myself walking in the traffic (with poor visibility on a blind curve, on the Basilica side); for the people with mobility issues, of whom there are many in the neighborhood; for the school children and parents with strollers, and for people just wanting to walk their dogs.

There was not one section along that stretch that was fully cleared. It was piecemeal. And right in front of Basilica, on that curved road, both sidewalks, again piled with four feet of snow.

Long’s Hill itself is a major bus route, and was not fully cleared until Saturday night.

I know St. John’s is not an easy city to clear, but the risks to pedestrians went on for far too long this past week.

Louise Moyes,
St. John’s


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