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LETTER: St. John’s bike plan gets a thumbs up

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Letter to the editor

St. John’s bike plan gets a thumbs up

I see that the nattering, naysaying pessimists are at it again.

This time it’s in reaction to the new bicycle path plan for St. John’s. Previous ill-advised efforts put the cyclists onto city streets and we know how well that worked out.

The new plan will allow cyclists to traverse the core of the city safely by widening already established scenic walking routes thereby minimizing costs while expanding usage.

A win-win, in my mind, with safety and enjoyable experiences being the biggest benefit. I applaud council for their decision to proceed and am excited by the recreation and transportation possibilities about to unfold.

The alternative is to do nothing and natter on for a few more decades about how to create a safe, bicycle friendly city.

Bicyclists and walkers have successfully shared facilities in many other jurisdictions. Why not here?

Tom Hawco,
St. John’s


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