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LETTER: Tired of the lectures on correct-think and correct-speak

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Good on you Carol Lorimer. (‘What happened to democracy?’ June 20.)

For some time now I have been growing tired of listening to the so-called progressive smart set lecture me and the rest of the country on correct-think and correct-speak.

What’s progressive about these self-satisfied and self-praising smug sermonizers is beyond me. If you don’t agree with their opinions you risk being labeled a neo-Nazi, a bigot, a fascist, a racist or any other number of derogatory labels.

All are labels used by intellectual lightweights who resort to name calling in place of debate. Their claimed right to censor whoever does not share their opinion is an unprecedented infringement on other people’s right to free speech and free association.
Shame on the Woodstock for buckling under to their inflammatory innuendoes.

The whole episode reminds me of NAPE’s attempt to block The Cellar Restaurant from hosting a group that publicly disagreed with the infamous “no layoff clause” in the recent shameful Public Service contract negotiated by our “progressive” Liberal government.

I have no idea where this shameful period in our country’s political history will lead us, but I am personally dismayed and ashamed of the path a handful of self-appointed censors is leading us down.

I fear the nightmare of George Orwell’s “1984” is at hand and the Pigs think they are in charge.

Barry Imhoff,
St. John’s


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