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LETTER: U.S. civil war not as far off as you might think

Trump supporters storm the Capitol, Jan. 6, 2021. — Reuters file photo

Ed Healy’s letter (The Telegram, “The Epiphany Uprising”, Jan. 16) has several astute observations about politics in the United States.

I take his observations a step further, unfortunately. There is a very real potential for an all-out civil war in the U.S. My admittedly apocalyptic view is that we may eventually see the Epiphany Uprising (or Trump’s Sedition) as the opening skirmish of the Second American Civil War.

As of now, there would be two triggers for such a war:

1. The distrust that Donald Trump has falsely sown, and that will linger, over the results of the recent presidential election.

2. The demographic change in the U.S., where whites will no longer be the majority. This apparently will occur somewhere around 2040-2050. (Trump’s Republicans are unlikely to voluntarily or peacefully settle for a national government where non-whites have a potentially significant impact.)

In addition to all of the disastrous human consequences of such a civil war, Canada could see large numbers of U.S. refugees fleeing the violence.

Sinclair Lewis’ novel, “It Can’t Happen Here,” is one fictional example of how the civil war could play out.

But I sincerely hope to be wrong about all of this.

Glenn Harris

Greenbelt, Maryland


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