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LETTER: ‘Waste management tax’ doubles the burden on cabin owners

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Would someone tell me what kind of government is running Newfoundland, inventing ways to build up the coffers with extra money in any way possible?

I’m am referring to the “waste management tax” being levied on all cabin owners.

As seniors, we pay our share of taxes, as do working people as well as people in receipt of income support.

But it I not enough.

We own a summer place near Whitbourne which is winterized with the electricity turned off since October.

We just received an invoice for $179.66 from waste management, Eastern Region for garbage collection and snow removal for the cabin area.

When we go to our cabin on weekends in the spring and summer we bring our garbage back to St. John’s where it is picked up by city workers. We pay for this service with property tax every six months.

So we have to pay twice for garbage collection.

We also pay $200 to the road committee yearly for the area for snow-clearing and road maintenance.

We pay double for that, as well.

How can anyone look at that and not see the wrong there?

I phoned waste management to let them know that the cabin was not in use during the winter months. She informed me that it is legislation and everyone has to pay whether it is used or not.

Thank you, Liberal government!

Does anyone wonder why a lot of people don’t bother to vote?

I have voted for the NDP in the past but realize that they are not strong enough to help the people of this province, especially the seniors.

Soon we will no longer remain in our own homes with all the extra expenses.

Now we face these taxes from waste management we are forced to pay with interest and threats of collection agencies and court action if not paid.

I would like to add that there are no “Fighting Newfoundlanders” any more — that’s a thing of the past.

We all have to take everything that’s put upon us.


Yvonne Kavanagh

St. John’s

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